Clinical Supplies

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Our team has years of experience in the production of investigational drugs as well as in the blinding, labelling and dispatch of clinical trials of varying requirements.

Approximately 20 highly-qualified members of staff – 14 of them being licensed pharmacists – ensure that orders are carried out reliably and capably.

We aspire to the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. This also includes the training of our employees. The importance of continuous advanced training goes without saying.

Furthermore, we have an internal training program – regular training courses are of the utmost importance to us in order to meet the regulatory and production requirements for clinical trials at all times.

Key Contacts:

Head of Clinical Trial Supply Department, QP
Dr. Stefan Dittmann
Phone: +49 30 31 98 32-301 E-Mail:
Head of Production
Karoline Ohm
Phone: +49 30 31 98 32-209 E-Mail:
Head of Quality Control
Cornelia Scheunemann
Phone: +49 30 31 98 32-201 E-Mail: